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Then when you’re hanging up you almost say “love you” because mostly you talk to your family on the phone and it’s a fast twitch muscle memory.

You catch it before it comes out, but in stopping yourself so abruptly something like, “Eep” came out in the process, so then you round it out with solid, unforgiving “goodbye.” All this at what cost! Now the internet simplifies this process into the press of a button.

Possibly a man calls even though you’ve specifically titled your post W4W.

What a thrill it is to live in a time when the potential for instant human connection is literally at your fingertips.

Not so long ago when you wanted to find that/those special someone(s) outside of your social circles for friendship, dating and everything in between, you had to: condense what you’re about and what you’re looking for in a partner into the length of a tweet, write or type that letter, send or take it directly to the post office along with cash, a check, or a money order, wait anywhere from one to three days, and then answer all of your landline phone calls/listen to all of your voicemails.

At least then there’s the potential to believe the lack of real connection in your life is because of factors beyond your control, instead of being presented quite thoroughly with the crushing reality that love is a lie.

Then there’s the question of how well each executes transparency.

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