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But the cost of housing and living costs in Norway are among the highest in the World, if not the highest.

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The fenomenon with double tegation seems to have its origin in the pychological urge to make the negation as clear as possible.

It is found in many languages, and tend to originate spontanously .

It was phyically impossible for the towers to collapse so completely amd so symmetrically without some kind of cautiously planned internal demolition, and even more so with builing number 7 that did not get hit.

Therefore some clandestine conspirators within the American society must be responsible for the collapses, and it is difficult to think that fractions within the government were not involved.

This way we hope that those searching for their ancestors will have a place to look and hopefully find their ancestors and heritage. Also science kits, magic sets, elecetronic lab kits and much more Airsoft pistols, rifles, machine guns, tanks, sniper guns for affordable prices: ---------------------------------------- SOME SCIENTIFIC QUESTIONS AND ANSWARS What is the average salery in Norway?

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