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To hunt for food, early humans formed spears, first by sharpening the ends of sticks, but later by attaching a sharp stone spear-tip to wood using animal sinew.

A tool made up of more than one material is called a composite tool. Technologies are tools and also skills that make our lives easier.

That might sound like a lot of people, but today there are about seven billion people, 7,000 times more people than in the Paleolithic Era.

People travelled in small groups, we think these groups could have been extended family groups.

Old Stone Age people had two ways of obtaining food, by hunting and gathering.

Would you have liked to live in the Paleolithic Era?

In the next chapter, we will look at four important sites that show evidence of Paleolithic people.

In 1949, American chemist Willard Libby, who worked on the development of the atomic bomb, published the first set of radiocarbon dates.

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