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We also thank Lorette Noiret for her computation of the inverse regression for life expectancy.

These structures were constructed in pits that were dug into the ground.


In addition, we make a preliminary calculation of regional life expectancies that reveals unsuspected temporal variability.

50) coupled with an intensive agricultural system producing most of the food (19, 28, 29), the low juvenility indices reported here favor suggestions that these occupations tended to be short-lived (30, 31) or part of a seasonal round (27), and perhaps most important, because this also affects mobility, focused on varieties of maize that were not yet very productive (32).

600 and 800 on the Colorado Plateau of villages consisting of many households together in a single site, often accompanied by public structures such as great kivas or large courtyards (24, 25); and the pithouse-to-pueblo transition between about A.

700 and 800, which allowed for, and signals, greatly increased storage of maize (26).

Here, we present juvenility indices from 194 sites and composite samples consisting of 10,199 sets of human remains, including those tallied in ref.

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