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As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, buffer busy waits are prevalent in I/O-bound systems.I/O contention, resulting in waits for data blocks, is often due to numerous sessions repeatedly reading the same blocks, as when many sessions scan the same index.This may also occur after a buffer cache assumed deadlock.

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Any News about the use of SQL 2016 with Skype for Business?

Working with a customer and we decided to enable Pass-Through Authentication with SSO instead of Password Hash Synchronization.

This can be done by tuning the SQL to access rows with fewer block reads (i.e., by adding indexes).

Even if we have a huge db_cache_size, we may still see buffer busy waits, and increasing the buffer size won't help.

In my experience, it's most often due to multiple, concurrent queries doing full table scans on the same table.

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