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Meeting us, was our Uncle Willard with a big wide smile. They had soup out of cans, sliced bread that came in a red plastic bag, and cereal was out of a box. ============================================== Folks, It is currently noon on Christmas eve in the PI. When we got up this morning folks were waiting for their packages.

We four truly felt we were in the lap of a luxury vacation, staying in their mobile home eating “city food in the big city of Grand Forks, with its strange city sounds. Two days later our Uncle and Aunt deposited us at the train station. Each of us now had a confident feeling, “We were well seasoned travelers “making a return trip to Rugby to our parents and soon after the glorious hills awaited. They were all so very happy with the things they got.

Finally, we retraced the way back into our seats to watch green earth moving …out the window. It didn’t seem long until the conductor shouted out Grand Forks. Dean and I jumped up, gathered our suitcases , scurried in haste along, lest we be left on behind on the train.

The conductor opened the outside door, jumped down and placed a little bench step.

I was amazed seeing a strange small toilet sitting in a small caddy- corner. The four of us then ventured from car to car, carefully opening the doors quickly hopping through, until we arrived at the dining car.

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