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A very nice vintage trombone that has some character and won't break the bank. Extremely rare German romantic trombone made in the late 1800s by one of the most famous and influential makers of trombones, J. It is gold brass, extremely thin material, with a wide nickel garland that is engraved and decorated with the traditional shell stamps.

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The 8D was based on the famous Kruspe Horner model.

It is a large bore french horn with a large bell flare. Constructed by a prominent Bach trombone collector, this vintage trombone has some very nice features and playing characteristics.

Its spent most of its life here in Los Angeles and has many years of use left. A unique opportunity to own one of the early custom made instruments by Marc L'Anglier.

This one was made in the early 1980s for John Englekes (of the San Francisco Symphony) and further modified by the next owner who has had it since then.

I showed it to Robb Stewart (who repaired a small crack in one of the slide legs) and he and I both believe this is an original feature on this instrument, making it particularly unusual and special.

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