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While still having limits on what could be shown, Nickelodeon was supportive of the relationship when approached.

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The art was announced to be sold as an exclusive print for The Legend of Korra / Avatar: The Last Airbender Tribute Exhibition at Gallery Nucleus with its proceeds donated by Konietzko to a LGBTQ suicide prevention hotline.

The Legend of Korra is to be continued in a three-part comics series, The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars, written by Di Martino and drawn by Irene Koh.

It took the pair and Joaquim Dos Santos's combined efforts to finalize her character design.

In the pilot (2012) episode "Welcome to Republic City", Korra is introduced as a teenager wearing Fire Nation attire over her traditional Water Tribe garb.

Konietzko and Di Martino couldn't agree to a name for her until they learned "Cora", the name of a hotel operator's dog. The creators felt the second season was built around Korra becoming more in-tuned with her spiritual side, reinforcing their belief that a giant spirit version of herself would be the "ultimate manifestation".

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