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I’m going to go out and check out the danger.” What will happen is my estrogen will go up and her testosterone will go up, and when she comes back in, I’ll be saying, “Would you hold me?

I’m still scared.” And nothing’s going to happen that night.

But going to see your doctor, for example, is a pair-bonding experience. When you’ve got high estrogen levels and you’ve got oxytocin, it’s the most powerful brew to lower her cortisol levels, to restore normal. So I said, “Homelessness is not for me.” Of course, the difference is I was educated and I had a family. That’s because you’re in touch with, “I’m really hungry. If you are in the second part of the cycle, progesterone is the hormone that lowers a woman’s stress, and estrogen doesn’t.

Which is probably why there are so many more women who will see their doctors than men. I could ask my mother for some money to help me go back to school and so forth. I need something.” That’s what women go through every month. If you would just do this, I would be happy.” Because there’s this place of emptiness in there, and it will last the whole month to various degrees. For the next 18 days, pair bonding doesn’t lower her stress. After ovulation, progesterone is the hormone that lowers her stress, not estrogen. So, pair bonding doesn’t lower her stress; she doesn’t get the pair bonding during those five days, her brain is still looking for the pair bonding.

On the show, you’ll learn: Abel: I am thrilled to be here this week with John Gray, Ph D, the bestselling relationship author of all time. Well, you can always imagine you’re going to get what you need if you have no history.

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